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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 2/17/2014: 4,106 steps and 2.3 miles traveled.

Together Since…

Together Since...

This is an awesome idea. How cute is that? I’d get one for my wife and I, but I don’t think we are “old enough” to warrant such a “title”.

My Valentine’s Post

What exactly is Valentine’s Day? A day that Hallmark created to sell greeting cards of love? A day that kids can create cool shoe-box containers where others can “drop” their valentine’s day cards in? Perhaps, Valentine’s Day is just another day, like yesterday?


Moving TV to “free”-dom.

Cable and Satellite TV gives the general public everything they need, when you don’t really know what you need.  And then, they give you more.  More channels are available than you can dream of.  No one (at least no one I know) watches them all.  But, the broadcasting companies know this.  So, they package channels that they know you want, with channels that you probably won’t use, JUST so that you can upgrade your package to another level.


Thermostat Replacement

Thermostat Replacement by Aaron Paxson
Thermostat Replacement, a photo by Aaron Paxson on Flickr.

Just finished replacing the downstairs thermostat with the new Honeywell Wifi-Enabled Smart Thermostat. It was a tough call between the Honeywell and the Nest.

Blurp: MultiMarkdown Image Linking

Ever wondered how to include thumbnail images in MultiMarkdown? You know, where your thumbnail image links to another larger image? Or, in a more basic question, how to link an image in MultiMarkdown?


My Pebble Present

I got my Pebble!!  I am loving it!  I can upload from hundreds of watch faces.  Right now, I just chose a basic one.  But, what I love most, is that I get my phone notifications on my watch.  I can see who is calling, read my text message that just came in, or check what that email was.


Pre-Owned Games Fail

Yesterday, I went to “Play-N-Trade” to check out a pre-owned title.  My wife and I love playing action/adventure games together, but it’s hard to find one for two-players.  Especially one that we like.  The last game we played together was “Champions of Norrath“.

As we were browsing the Playstation Store, I downloaded the trial version of Diablo III:

Screenshot 2013-12-24 09.36.41



My mini-bar has started

Now, all I need is an actual mini-bar to put these on.  Well, that, and to start making my own beer……  But, hey, ya gotta start somewhere!

Paxson's Pub

Café in Bollate Italy

Café in Bollate Italy by Aaron Paxson
Café in Bollate Italy, a photo by Aaron Paxson on Flickr.

Moijto has great coffee and good pasta!

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Fiber work today.

32oz Sapporo with all-you-can-eat sushi!

Love how Pizza Hut does the order lineups

The iPhone 6-plus is pretty big.

New screens in office just installed.

Sitting at HP's Briefing Center at Houston Campus discussing IT Converged/Hyper-Converged systems.

Sitting at HP's Briefing Center at Houston Campus discussing IT Converged/Hyper-Converged systems.

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