Coming Home…

Posted: January 27, 2008 in Travel

I am now sitting at the airport in Cleveland, anxiously waiting board the plane and come home to my family.

It snowed quite a bit during my stay, though mostly at night. It was in the single-digit temperatures without the wind-chill in consideration. My fingers would get numb between leaving my car, and walking into a building. No kidding!

Just finished up a brutal 4-day trip in Cleveland. Very late nights, little sleep, lots of caffeine, and no cigarettes! I wasn’t always a happy camper during this time, but it had to be done.

I will have a follow-up trip in Feb.

While my travels are a nice to have every once in a while (you can’t argue just stepping away for a few days), nothing… and I mean, NOTHING, can replace feeling of coming home.

Home sweet home.

Uh Oh! They are now boarding my plane. Gotta Go! See you soon, kidos!

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