Just finished moving

Posted: February 3, 2008 in Life!

Just finished moving into our new house. I love it. It’s a little bigger than our old house, though I think the kids’ rooms are smaller.

But, I have my VERY OWN OFFICE, complete with French doors. It is totally awesome. Actually, I’ve had my own office before, but it’s never had a door (I’ve normally just taken over the bonus rom or dining room.

I also have my very own MAN ROOM! I can’t wait to put a Plasma TV and surround sound in it. It’s going to be so sweet. Eventually, I will put a set of 8 lazy boy recliners in it (2 rows of 4, and the back 4 will be raised above the front row, like stadium seating). Yeah, keep dreaming Aaron.

Both the living room and the game room are pre-wired for surround-sound, so that’s less work I have to do.

Right now, I’m just trying to relax. I’m moving some stuff upstairs, so I can watch the superbowl, but mostly relaxing today, and letting my muscles recuperate. Crap, I need another beer.


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