FlickRiver rocks!

Posted: March 14, 2008 in Photography
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For those of you who love photography (and I can think of at least two — you know who you are…probably the only two reading this blog), then you will LOVE FlickRiver.

FlickRiver is a personal project of Alex Sirota. The name “Flick River” stems from using Flickr photographs, tags, sets, etc, and combining it with a “river-flow”-type browsing.

Basically, it will only load a dozen or-so photographs. But, as you are scrolling, it will load more at the bottom. This gives you unlimited scrolling, if you just want to browse photographic images and graphics design, but not wait for 10 minutes while it loads 200 pictures. Or to keep clicking that “next” button. What a pain in the rear-end.

It’s a brilliant way to browse photos.

It’s really impressive. Click my photo bar on the right. That was generated by Flick River, and using a “Flickr Set” to generate the images.

Check it out!

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