Like my new blog header?

Posted: March 14, 2008 in Photography

That picture was taken by my wife on Holsten Lake outside of Bristol,TN.

I figured it was fitting my blog.  The title is “Useless Thinking”.  I can’t think of something more useless, than trying to find a way to an island, only to find out, there’s nothing to do, and no way back.  Now THAT’S useless thinking.

My cousin camps there every year, and since we are now in Nashville, invited us to come out. So we did. We loved it so much, we’ll be going there every year too. Now… if I can only get that boat……

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  1. tjpaxson says:

    Aaron thanks for using one of my pictures. As you know I always am hard on my self when it comes to pictures I take, but this one actually looks really good on your blog and fits very well.

    Haaaa boat are you kidding me… would be nice but that aint going to happen anytime soon! Yes I did use that non existing word 🙂