Backstabbing Frustrations

Posted: March 17, 2008 in Life!

I am really frustrated this morning.

We have a programmer at work, who went to training for Product X about 9 months ago. We had a problem recently where Product X wasn’t working correctly. When I told him about it, he comes back with, “But that’s not a coding problem”.

Not a coding problem? What the …? You went to training for this, why does it matter if its not a coding problem or not. I don’t have the slightest clue what the problem is, or where to start looking.

Finally, after arguing, he went to work. 10 minutes later he said he found the problem. And that if I…(go ahead and annunciate that…) I….. run into this problem again, just do this…

Why did we (the business) send you to training just to hand it off down the road to others without training?

Deep Breath, Aaron……….

This same person is the backup to our local technician. Has been for over 1 year. When our local technician is out (vacation, sick, etc), this person will help out.

Well, our local technician is out for a couple of days. This morning, an email was sent out …

Please direct callers to Aaron Paxson at xxxx and not to my phone. This is per [Director of IT].

What??!! Don’t go to your boss, don’t go to me, go directly to the Director????

That’s one way to piss someone off! It’s not like, I don’t have a freaking network to run or anything.

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