Rant Apology

Posted: March 17, 2008 in Life!, Ramblings
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I wanted to send a quick apology for the post I left earlier, regarding backstabbing.

No, no one saw it, and made me feel guilty.  I felt my own remorse.  Pretty much after I posted, I felt it, but I let it go.  Well, a whole day has gone, and I still feel bad.

Are the feelings still there?  You bet.  But it’s not worth demolishing another human being.  This person does have his good points, no doubt.  Everyone does.  Even people you hate the most, has SOMETHING good about them, I’m sure.  Usually, you have such negative feelings, you don’t want to think of the good things.  That’s just human nature.

Am I lesser person by posting that rant?  I don’t think so.  I’m just like everyone else.  I do, however, feel I’ve let myself down, since I try to think of the good in people.

Anyway, I will still try and post my feelings and behaviors…. I just hope I’m more “balanced” and justified.

This morning’s post was just filled with 100% emotion.


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