American Heroes

Posted: March 18, 2008 in Inspiration, Life!
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Tonight, my kids had a recital at school about American Heroes. It was quite enlightening. There is so much I have forgotten, that my kids remind me. I mean, how many times are we thankful to Alexander Graham Bell
when we use the phone. Or Charles Lindbergh for starting the first international flight.

It is really phenomenal. I completely forgot about how Helen Keller showed how to overcome fears and doubt, or how Albert Einstein got us thinking in ways we never thought imagined.

If you really think about it… these people were not even thinking about being heroes. They were just doing what they wanted to do. What they felt they should do. Their passion took them to areas that revolutionized how people think, react, use, or talk.

I really feel inspired.

To that end, I say this….

Here’s to all of us… may we have the passion to accomplish what we want to accomplish, the wisdom to see the opportunity when it presents itself, and the courage to seize that opportunity.

God Bless

  1. Tammy says:

    Ok, so I was just about ready to write about the kids recital and read yours. You did it so perfectly that I have nothing to say. What ever I did write wouldn’t be even half as good as what you wrote. Your choice of words and how you write is one gift you did get from your Mother. I can only hope that one day I will be able to write as well as you!


  2. wendysisson says:

    We all take things for granted. Thanks for reminding me.
    It’s funny how people just come up with stuff. seriously id like to know how the person came up with tampons. wonder what they were thinking when they came up with.