Problems with Conflict

Posted: March 18, 2008 in Emotions, Life!
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I have a problem with conflict.  I do.  When I’m my normal feeling self, I have a really hard time bringing up subjects that I know are uncomfortable.

For example, we have new neighbors.  We, my wife and I, just spent quite a bit of money for a wireless in-ground fence, to keep our dogs in.  We don’t want to bother the neighbors now, do we?

Well, they apparently also have a dog, and they have NO quams about leaving their dog to roam the neighborhood.  Okay, well, that’s a little irritating.  But when I get home, I don’t feel “negative anymore”.  Now, while I’m home, if I see that dog come up on our deck and pee on our furniture, then I’ll be frustrated enough to walk over there.

But, give me 15 mins to calm down, then I won’t feel like going over there, and I convince myself, “it’s not worth it”.

I really need to work on that.


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