A day off in Nashville…

Posted: April 9, 2008 in Life!, Photography, Travel
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So, I’ve been working quite a bit lately, and even had a 28-hour workday on Friday in Cleveland. Since I was away the entire weekend, I felt like Tammy and I needed a break together.

So, we decided to go into Nashville, and make a full day of it. We had a blast!! It was so worth it, and I can’t wait for us to go back again! I think we’ll be doing it again more sooner than later.

We first visited downtown Nashville. It was amazing. All of the buildings. The City Hall area was beautiful with water fountains and just a beautiful view.

DSC_0008.JPG DSC_0012.JPG DSC_0015.JPG DSC_0016.JPG
After City Hall, we started roaming the streets. I got a great picture of the AT&T (a.k.a. – The Batman Building), and our state capitol:

DSC_0020.JPG DSC_0022.JPGDSC_0023.JPG

DSC_0018.JPG DSC_0019.JPG
After that, we decided to go to Music Row. We were kinda disappointed. To be honest, I was expecting to see a “Hollywood” avenue-type environment for musicians. But, alas, all we saw were just a few recording studios and some really expensive cars sitting in front of an Italian Bistro. Of course, we didn’t cruse the whole thing.
Once we got over the Music Row disappointment, we went to Centennial Park, and most importantly, the full-scale replica of the Parthenon. Now, that was an impressive part of our day. The parthenon was full-scale, and had a 42-foot statue of Athena. We loved it. We were a little discerned by the $5 each entry fee, but felt it was well worth it.

DSC_0040.JPG DSC_0055.JPG DSC_0045.JPG DSC_0042.JPG
After that, we walked to the botanical gardens. It was really beautiful, and now that spring is just starting, smelled so fresh. Just like a fresh start from a cold wintery season.

DSC_0072.JPG DSC_0076.JPG DSC_0082.JPG DSC_0083.JPG

DSC_0090.JPG DSC_0092.JPG DSC_0094.JPG
Once we were done with the fresh air, we wanted to waste just a little more time before we ate dinner, so we went to Opry Mills, and chilled around the mall. Most of our time was spent at Bass Pro, wishing we could buy the 24′ Tracker Party Barge, that we were drooling over (we will get it… oh yes… we will get it).
We finished our day with eating a fantastic dinner at Dave and Busters, and left home. But not before playing a few video games together!!
  1. nutmegmcgraw says:

    Oh wow!!! I had no idea Nashville was so culturally rich! I mean, basically, if you haven’t experienced it, you pretty much think it’s a bunch of cowboys walkin’ around with a guitar case permanantly strapped to them so they can break into song at a moment’s notice. lol

    What beautiful pictures! I’m so glad you included them. Just telling the story does NOT do these images justice. How romantic! That’s the stuff lasting marriages are made of! Tammy mentioned your “date” briefly in an email, but didn’t say anything about all the sites you saw! She said she’d blog about it later. Now that I see yours, I know why she didn’t. =)

    Hope you get the boat you’re salivating for, and may I just say HOLY COW about the Panthenon! =)

  2. Tammy says:


    Thank you for our time together in Nashville. I was going to write about it in my blog but you did such a great job and the pictures are really nice.

    I had a really wonderful time and cant wait to spend that much time alone together again. We started around 10am and were finished around 9pm. I think this was the longest date we have been on in 1 day. Wow what a blast.



  3. Amber says:

    That sounds so great! I’m really glad you guys were able to get some alone time. What a relaxing and romantic way to spend the day!

    Great pics, too!

  4. wendysisson says:

    Well i know you guy needed that date. Having three children is no walk in the park and having some alone time was much needed. I love the photo you took Aaron they are great shot’s.