The Starbucks One-Lane Trap!

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Ramblings
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So, I’m heading to work today, and had a Starbucks fix!  I check my clock, and it says that I’m heading early to work.  Great!  I can stop by Starbucks!

I pull off the exit, and pull into Starbucks.  Wow… looks like there is alot of people in drive thru.

I drive into the drive-thru lane, and waited….and waited….and waited…

Holy crap!  I’m going to be late to work.  I’d better go ahead and leave.   Wait… how do I get out of here?  It’s only one lane.  On the one side, I’ve got grass, a speakerphone for ordering, and a menu.  On the other side, I have a big curb, plants, and flora.

Don’t let that fool you guys!  Starbucks designed that for a reason!  Once you pull in, there isn’t an easy way of leaving…. you might as well order and wait!

  1. Tammy says:

    STARBUCKS WHAT!!!!! I thought we are supposed to be on budget as of this morning????? Hmmmmmm You better watch it buddy lol

    Anyway, hope your having a great day at work. I just took a break from cleaning. I think I am going to eat some breakfast and get back with it.

    Love you

  2. Aaron Paxson says:

    Naaa… no worries… I bought it with change. Just a standard Grande black coffee. Not my usual Venti-Penta-Mocha with whipped cream.

    Ohhhh…. Venti-Penta-Mocha…. (Aaron makes sounds like Homer Simpson looking at doughnuts).

  3. Tammy says:

    He says in such a COOL voice…..

    Anyway, I think i’ve lost another pound just from cleaning geeshh im sweating.

    Love ya

  4. It’s no wonder Starbucks is so prevalent worldwide. The secret’s out now. They rope you in and never let you go.

  5. Amber says:

    I KNOW! I got stuck in that trap once in Rockford, IL. Actually, I had thought the drive-thru was for Potbelly Sandwiches (YUM YUM YUM) and when I realized it wasn’t, I almost hit the curb trying to back out… luckily there were no cars behind me yet. lol

    Btw- I think it is a total waste to go to Starbucks for plain coffee. (sorry, Tammy) lol

  6. Sarah says:

    OMG! That’s happened to be TWICE! I hate that!!!! It’s always when I’m on my way to work or school too.. and then you stroll in late with coffee and they all look at you like, “Late because you just HAD to get Strabucks, huh? And she didn’t even bring us any…ugh…”

  7. nutmegmcgraw says:

    Ok, I’m BACK!!! I’m going to get back into blogging. It’s just such a great way to keep in touch! But, I feel bad. I wanted to catch up on all the posts I missed, so I scrolled down to find the first one I hadn’t read. I kept scrolling down…and down…and (omg, if I’ve missed this much on AARON’S blog…lol) down…

    I know about the house, but didn’t know about the boat! GORGEOUS pics btw! CONGRATS!! You both deserve it so much!!!

    Crack me up about Starbucks…I just load up a travel-friendly large mug before I leave the house. =)

  8. Aaron Paxson says:


    You are soo right about the feelings! When you walk in with Starbucks in your hand, I hate wondering what everyone thinks as they are staring at you!

    “…Oh yeah… you just HAD to get it, huh…”.