Danish Talent 2008 – Jeppe and Nick

Posted: September 27, 2008 in Travel
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Okay, so I’m in my hotel at the airport, ready to take my early flight out in the morning from Stockholm.  I turn the TV on, and a Danish show just like “America’s got Talent” was on.  Neat! 

One of the acts was a pair of guys, who’s names are Jeppe and Nick.  These guys are so wierd, it’s awesome!  The way they can control and move their bodies, is brilliant.  I never thought electronic breakdancing would make a come back, but these guys do a great job at it.

You really ought to check out their acts on Danish Talent 2008.  You don’t need to understand Danish to watch.  Just wait for them to start.  Again, I wish I could do that.  I love that stuff!

  1. nutmegmcgraw says:

    OMG!! That was AWESOME!! I especially love the music! Those guys are absolutely amazing! Thanx for sharing!

    Love reading about your continuing coffee sagas too. 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    Ok, well- it’s interesting. (cool how the show is similar over here) I was a little bored, though… Just me.

    Thanks for sharing it- I was telling Mike that it must be so strange to be there and not have anything to watch on tv because it’s in another language. 🙂

    Glad you’re home, World Traveler. xo

  3. serenity79 says:

    all I can say is ( only you Aaron) lol

  4. Jeppe & Nick Fan says:

    OMG THEY ARE SOO COOL AND I NEED PICS OF THEM and the tall one is sooooooooo cute I love him

  5. Judge Pow3rs says:

    They are so awesome, anyone know what music they are using or if they made it themselves, I’d really like it. Watched those vids so many times lol.

  6. If you like their work you really must see these as well. These men are absolutely amazing!!

    Would love to meet them if only I could get to their country to do so!

    They rock the stage and definitely bring something new, different and irresistable!

  7. mohitsdesire says:

    Hey Hey… I am A Big FAN of yours.. after watching all your performances. I dance too.

    please if you can provide me with the Music track on which you performed in Final.
    the theme was Angel Vs Devil

    My Email is mohitsdesire@gmail.com

    please please please mail me that soundtrack. me And My friend would love to perform on this Track

    thank you 🙂
    hope to see your reply soon 🙂