Learning to Love new experiences and classical music

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Inspiration
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I just found a fantastic TED video that is a little bit old (2008) but is incredibly powerful.  For those of you that do not know what TED is, it’s Technology, Entertainment, Design.  Basically, fantastic talks from leaders around the world.

Specifically, from TED2008 conference, I watched a video from Benjamin Zander, who is both a conductor and fantastic motivational speaker.  He uses his love for classical music to move and inspire others to be leaders.

In this video, not only does he attempt to lure you in with his classical music, he promises that you will learn to love and understand classical music by the end of the video.  At the very least, you become enthralled in his passion for motivating others.

I encourage EVERYONE to watch the video.  It’s approx 20 mins.

By Aaron Paxson


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