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Posted: May 17, 2010 in Life!
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So, I’ve had my iPad now for about 3 weeks. I totally love it. I use it mostly for blogging (I’m writing on it now), Tweet’ing, news feeds, and email. But, there are a few things that are VERY handy:

1). I store my techie manuals on it. These manuals can be thousands of pages long, and are indispensable when I’m remote, working on a problem, and need some reference.

2). iBooks / Kindle: This is really nice! I can now read in bed, without having the light on, disturbing my lovely wife’s beauty rest. Turning pages feels natural. The iBook store still needs to work on its inventory, but Kindle Books is also available on it, with it’s HUGE inventory.

3). Netflix / Video: I love that during my late working hours, while I’m waiting on some long running process, I can just launch Netflix, and start instantly streaming hundreds of movies in high quality!

I would say music is nice, but, I still use my iPhone for that. Small and efficient, and hip-carry’able.

Now, that being said, I have some huge thanks to give!!

1). My lovely wife. Without whom, I probably would have never really given the iPad a chance. Yes, dear, I’m giving you the kudos for that. See, when it first came out, she was all excited, and I just brushed it off. (( big grin ))

2). My Parents. For my birthday gifts, they loaded me with iPad accessories, including the carrying case, wireless keyboard, and a handy shoulder bag. NO, it’s *NOT* a Man-Purse! Shoulder Bag! Shoulder Bag! They also gave me a few months free of Netflix, so I can enjoy instant movies on my iPad or PlayStation 3!! Thanks you guys!!

3). And finally, my company. Who gave me the iPad as an appreciation gift!

Who knew?!?

  1. nice! super nice! i hope i can buy one.