2011 – Resolutions?

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Life!

It’s a new year.  For awhile, I always thought new year resolutions were useless.  Just another set of goals that are only made because of a perspective “we” place on time.  And because those goals are only created for that perspective, most of them never get realized.

But, as I started thinking about it, perspective or not, it’s still “fun” to come up with things you’d like to do.  So, in short, here are mine:

** Top ** – This doesn’t even receive a number.  I need to get right with myself and Christ.  To read the word as often as I can, and above all else, Practice the word on a daily basis!  I have the faith, now I just need the wisdom.

  1. More blogging – I’ve really let my blogs (both professional and personal) fall to the wayside.  I’d like to get back to writing more.  It’s January 2nd….. this is a good start, eh?
  2. Photography – As I was learning with Tammy on photography back in 2009, I stumbled upon HDR, and I was hooked.  I just love HDR photography, and really want to do more with it in 2011.  My initial feeble attempts just sucked.  Don’t know what HDR photography is?  Here is a brief description, and here is an example.  I’ve got the camera to do it, the software to run it, and the hardware to support it.  Now, I just gotta DO IT!!  Plus, it’s one thing I can do with my wife *together* that we both enjoy.
  3. Running – This isn’t a goal to do more running…. it’s a goal to learn how to “love” running.  I really love the aspects of running.  Nature.  Scenery.  Music.  Serenity.  Good Health.  The “good” feeling you get after the “runner’s high”.  Now, I just have to get past the whole, “I really hate running”… thing.  🙂
  4. Procrastination – Or, lack thereof.  I know, I know.  Surprised?  Shouldn’t be.  Took me 3 years before I finally wrote this one down.  🙂  (and notice, it’s near the bottom?)  I cant really list Procrastination, but put it at the top, can I?  That would be a paradox and the end of the universe as we know it!  Well, it may get to that, before I check this one off.
  5. The rest is just hobby stuff.  Getting my Salt Water aquarium up to snuff, electronic circuit builds, home automation, woodworking, programming, etc.



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