Camping, Rapture, and hogwash

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Religion
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So, Camping believes he can predict the future huh?  Hogwash!  If you are truly a Christian, stop listing to one man, and listen to the one who you *SHOULD* be listening to.  GOD.

It says in the bible, specifically, “Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. ”

So, why does Camping believe that he knows something that only God can know?  Why are so many people following Camping and not the word of Jesus?

My largest fear?  That the rapture will not come, and rather than people pulling away from Camping, they will pull away from God, because they believe Camping is a direct personification of Christianity.

Please, everyone, I beg you.  Pray.  Pray for all those people that Camping is giving poor information too.  Pray that they understand that each one of them must get closer to God *THEMSELVES*, and not through someone else.  Pray that they will not lose belief, when it does not happen.

I will be praying too…………

  1. Aaron Paxson says:

    Oh, yeah, forgot to add, that there is a mathematical formula. Guess what? Loving math myself, I can tell you that you can make math tell you anything. For example, if you take the number of letters in this blog, and multiply them by something, then add and subtract, and continue to do something with them, you’ll come up with something that you can somehow justify.

    • ZAdoubleQ says:

      Yeah, I did so on my blog. About Justin Timberlake. Mathematical formulas foretelling the Rapture…. through the bible. I find it to be quite humorous. I’m glad to see a Christian who knows this Camping guy is complete crap, though. All the angry ones I’ve seen are either Atheist or nonreligious.
      I have nothing against Christianity. I do, however, have something against retards like Camping. Unfortunately guys like him have managed to penetrate every aspect of life….

  2. And I will be praying as well. Thanks Aaron!

    In Faith,