Are you a person of creation or evolution?

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Religion
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thumb-crossI used to believe that God and Evolution was the same.  That our timing and God’s timing was not always equal.  In other words, did God really create the world in 7 man days?  I mean, 7 days in God’s time could be millennia, right?  Well, that’s how I filled in the gaps between science and faith to help make sense of it in my mind.

But, then, the more I read the Bible and other people smarter than me, the more I started realizing that I shouldn’t care.  If it’s not in the Bible, why should I worry?  My pastor said it perfectly…

Do you have an iPad?  Maybe an iPod?  How about a TV?  They came with a manual didn’t they?  They tell you how to use it.  They tell you the best way to care for it.  They tell you everything you need to know about how to get the most out of it.  But, do they tell you where the components came from and why?  Do they tell you the person that thought up the idea before it came to being?  No.  Why?  Because it’s not important in order to get the most out of it.

Likewise, to get the most out of life, you do not need to know about how Dinosaurs came from (they are only there for oil to power our cars, right?).  You don’t need to know how God made everything in 6 days.  Just believe.  Whether you know or not does not affect your morning tomorrow.

From “Unlocking the Bible – David Pawson

Under creation, GOD is Lord.  Under Evolution, MAN is Lord….

…If we accept God as creator, we accept that there are absolute standards of right and wrong. But, with no God under evolution, we only have relative situations.  With God’s world we talk of duty and responsibility, with evolution we talk of demands and rights.

Now, whether he was for evolution or not, I’m not sure.  I haven’t heard him say whether he believes it or not.  He does say that it is only a Theory, and still not proven.  Even if you believe in evolution, the above quote still metaphorically works.

When dealing with right and wrong, under God it’s as simple as black or white.  It’s either sin, or it’s not.  But, under Man (evolution), it’s a gray area.  We say things like, “Well, stealing for food is different”, or “abortion from rape isn’t the same as abortion from accidental casual sex”.  Even, “I do more good than evil, so in the end, it balances for the better” becomes a common thought.  Whatever the case is, we seem to build an obscure sliding scale rather than an exact dividing line.

We come up with our own reasoning to fit our social comfort.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to say until you are in the situation… NO DOUBT!  Would I say that if I was in that situation?  In all honestly, I pray I do, but only God knows.  I still think it’s worth thinking about.

Below, a younger David Pawson talks about Evolution at approx. 38:00 minutes.

So, he sums up by saying that under Creation, God makes man in his image.  But, under evolution, man makes God in his image.  Overall, it used to be a gray area for me, but now I feel much more clear on the subject.  If nothing else…. I feel I can sleep better at night.  I choose to believe in creation.  What about you?

I pray you do to!

  1. Megan says:

    This is wonderfully written, and definitely food for thought. Now I have some for you…what if the theory of evolution AND the theory of Creation were actually BOTH true? What if God created the universe in one holy instant AND over billions of years. I tell you, time is not linear in God’s kingdom. Believing in one doesn’t have to disprove the other. What if every possibility there is, actually IS at the same time? You’re absolutely right that the answers to these questions aren’t ultimately important, that in the end, Love is all there is and there is nothing at all to fear. But for me, finding these answers thrill me so much more than taking someone else’s word for it. That the REAL truth is SOOOO much grander, more magnificent than we even know and wrapping myself up in the awesome love of that truth is what takes me to the sweetest dreams at night. Thank you Lord for showing me.