Pre-Owned Games Fail

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Ramblings
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Yesterday, I went to “Play-N-Trade” to check out a pre-owned title.  My wife and I love playing action/adventure games together, but it’s hard to find one for two-players.  Especially one that we like.  The last game we played together was “Champions of Norrath“.

As we were browsing the Playstation Store, I downloaded the trial version of Diablo III:

Screenshot 2013-12-24 09.36.41


After playing it for a bit, my wife and I decided that we liked it.  But, the full version was $60.  Well, we didn’t like it for $60.  So, I decided to go to our favorite pre-owned game place, Play-N-Trade.    I found the new game for $59.99, which was as I suspected.  I went to the pre-owned section, and I found it!  Yes!  I turn it around, and there was the price sticker.

New: $59.99

Pre-Owned:  $55.99

Are you serious, Play-N-Trade?  A used pre-owned game, and you knock off $5?  Seriously.  Who do you think would buy this, with the new version only $5 more?  Maybe my frustration was because I expected it to be cheaper, and now that it’s not, I’m disappointed.  Am I the only one who thinks $5 off a pre-owned game is a slap-in-the-face?



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