My Pebble Present

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Technology
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I got my Pebble!!  I am loving it!  I can upload from hundreds of watch faces.  Right now, I just chose a basic one.  But, what I love most, is that I get my phone notifications on my watch.  I can see who is calling, read my text message that just came in, or check what that email was.

Most importantly, I can control my music.  VERY handy when I’m running or too busy to grab my phone.  What’s even cooler than that?  My watch becomes a “find my phone” option.  All I have to do is start playing music (provided I’m within the bluetooth range), and viola! Found my phone!

Version 2.o of the API is in beta now, which means even more features in the future!  YEAH!

I have noticed, lately, that sometimes my notifications get queued up, and I don’t get them instantly.  However, I’m not 100% sure if this is the watch, or the phone not sending them.

As for the alarm, it’s a silent alarm.  It wakes you by turning on a vibrating tumbler.  You’d be surprised how easy (and quietly non-disturbing to your spouse) it is to wake up to.  Charging hasn’t been bad either.  It says 5-7 days between charges (which uses USB).  However, I haven’t fully tested this yet.  With the amount of text messages and emails I get in a day, it could be less.

Pebble Watch Collage


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