Blurp: MultiMarkdown Image Linking

Posted: January 2, 2014 in Life!

Ever wondered how to include thumbnail images in MultiMarkdown? You know, where your thumbnail image links to another larger image? Or, in a more basic question, how to link an image in MultiMarkdown?

Ok. First, how do we define a link:

 Check [this out][MyLink]

This sets “this out” to be a link. And the MyLink reference is defined (usually at the bottom):


The question is, why does “this out” have to be text? Can it be an image? Sure it can! Let’s define how we add an image:


And our ThumbnailImage is:


So, how do we include the image in the link? Basically, insert the ![MyImage] inside the brackets where the text would be! As such:


The resulting Markdown is:


Instead of the text “this out”, the object to be linked is “MyImage”.


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