My Valentine’s Post

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Notes to my Wife
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What exactly is Valentine’s Day? A day that Hallmark created to sell greeting cards of love? A day that kids can create cool shoe-box containers where others can “drop” their valentine’s day cards in? Perhaps, Valentine’s Day is just another day, like yesterday?

LOVE16The best thing about Valentine’s Day, is that you can make that day to whatever you want it to be! How I decide to use this day varies from year to year. This year is certainly not going to be “common”, as I am house-bound due to a bad back from a surgery. So, how do I spend this day? I can’t make reservations, since I can’t go out. I can’t surprise my beautiful wife with flowers, since I can’t drive. I can’t even pick her up to go out on a date. So, to celebrate this day, I decided to write…. not a poem per say, but a poetic letter to the love of my life. My wife has not only been an inspiration, but keeps me grounded and realistic. She makes me equal. Not whole, but equal. Without her, I would be unbalanced.


On This Day – By Aaron Paxson

On this day, my heart celebrates.
A celebration to show everyone how much I love you.
A celebration for excitement and passion.
A celebration for all the good things that have crossed our paths, together.

On this day, my heart shouts.
A shouting to the high mountains and turbulent winds, that you are the only one for me.
A shouting to the low rumbling ocean depths that my desires are to you, only.
A shouting to the midlands and beyond, that you alone, deserve my loyalty.

On this day, my heart beats harder.
A harder beating so that anyone that comes close, knows that I have found love.
A harder beating that can slow to a pur showing contentment, happiness, and placement.
A harder beating that can speed to a growl, showing a strong heart willing to fight for love.

On this day, my heart grows larger.
A larger heart to allow more love to fill it in the upcoming days, months, years of my life.
A larger heart to allow a pouring of soul and expression towards you.
A larger heart to try to fulfill all your wants, needs, and desires.

On this day, and every other day my heart belongs to you.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Tammy Jean Paxson. I am totally devoted to you.


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