Why Pray for the Sick?

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Inspiration
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Recently, a post showed up on my Twitter feed with this question:

I’ve never understood praying for the sick.  Why ask the all powerful being who made them sick to reverse their decision?

Granted, this is probably coming from a non-believer, Atheist, or some other kind of belief, as a joke.  But, seriously, I still think the question is valid that even some Christ-followers get hung up on.  “Why does God make people sick or worse?”

The only way I can justify this and still maintain my faith, is simply that God does not MAKE people sick.  He just allows it to happen.  See, we live in a fallen world.  Evil exists.  God created the perfect environment and sin still found it’s way into Eden.  In a world with free will and sin, bad things will happen.  God doesn’t stop it, or else there would be no evil.  With no evil, how can you judge what’s good?

I’ve also had to have this talk with my son, who is now learning to battle and deal with Type-1 diabetes.  He asks himself what any child would….. “Why does my body hate me?”…. “Why does God hate me?”…..

See, just because God *allows* things to happen, it does not mean he cannot reverse them, or turn it into something great!  I see 3 reasons to pray for the sick:

  1. To gain a deeper spiritual relationship with you.  Each time you need God’s help, and you turn to him, you grow closer to him.  It just happens.  Look at your parents when you were a child.  Each time you needed their help, and you went to them, you grew just a little closer with trust and love.  The more times you went to them, the deeper that love and trust got.  God is the EXACT same way.  Keep praying.
  2. To teach.  Bad things happen to good people.  It’s a given, and there is no arguing that.  But, God has the power to turn a bad thing into a good thing.  For example, think of a teenager who wants to dedicate their life to the Lord.  They want to spread the Lord’s love and teaching’s all over the world.  This teenager has a charm and love that everyone likes.  Then, a tragic accident takes their life for whatever reason.  How horrible!  However, because of this unbelievable terrible event, the teenager’s family teaches the rest of the country the concerns for drunk driving or texting.  Now, other’s parents and children could be saved because of this.
  3. When you humble yourself, you will also be blessed.  By becoming selfless, and helping others, you open yourself to also being helped in many ways.  God wants us to help each other.  To encourage each other in his name.  You will also see blessings coming your way.

So, why pray for the sick?  Because there is power in prayer.  Maybe it is instant, maybe it isn’t.  But, there is GOOD that comes from it.  Just open your heart and your eyes in a humble way, and you will see it.  If you have someone that is sick, or is in a bad place in their lives, may I pray for you?

Dear Lord…… the world is in a decaying state.  Evil surrounds us everywhere.  But, in the midst of all this tragedy and sickness, I know that there is still good.  You know what is in my heart and the hearts of others, and the unspoken prayers that are held deep within.  I  lift up my prayer to you.  I ask that you help those that need you.  Please give them healing inside and out.  By Jesus’ stripes, they are healed.  By Jesus’s sacrifice, they are saved.  And by your love and grace, they have warm hearts to accept you, eyes to see you, and ears to hear you.   I pray this mostly humbly in Jesus’ name, Amen.

I pray this article finds you when you needed it, and that it helps you.  Please don’t stop praying.  It’s in the difficult times that we need him most and he is waiting to hear you.  May God Bless You.

Photo unmodified courtesy of Diogo Martins on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/quarenta/ via CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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