My Light

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Notes to my Wife

You are my light, shining down on my path, leading me away from poor choices and keeping me straight. During the hard challenges and stresses of my job, you are always there to listen and give sympathy. Like a fresh spring rain after weeks of heavy sun, you refresh me. Like a flower drying out, you water me to let me bloom.

I asked for you in my prayers, but had no idea God would give me someone so much more. Your beauty is radiant, and your heart glows. So many people see the strength in you, that you are just beginning to explore and use. Your success in your work proves your intelligence and hard work, but your success in your marriage proves your commitments and love.

How you do everything, is still a mystery I may never solve. But, I will continue to mold my ways and my heart to be a reflection of you.

Who are you? You are………. my wife.


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