About Me

aaron_poseYou have reached the personal blog of Aaron Paxson.  If you are looking for my professional and technical writings, you can find me at MyTeneo or NetOps Community.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, who is very happily married. 12 wonderful years, and going strong. Holy cow?! 12 Years? Dang!!…errr…I mean… uhhh….well….((sigh)) ((bows head solemnly))…yes dear

This site is really for my personal growth, hobbies, and basic thoughts. Both spiritually, as well as emotionally. I plan on using this site as an outlet of my fears, frustrations, and happiness, while finding a common balance between work life and personal life.

I am husband to a wonderful wife, (right, honey bunny??), and father to 3 awesome kiddos.  Hobbies include Saltwater, Freshwater, and Pond aquaria.  Also, woodworking and electrical/electronics along with audio and visual.  I’m an aquaria and tech geek.  Unfortunately, there is just not enough time in the day or enough money to keep up on all my hobbies.  Especially since my profession seems to bleed over into my personal time, too.

I love all things coffee, though I have a minor appreciation for tea.

Those that know me, know I worked too much, and am a work-aholic. I am trying my best to find a good balance. Let me know if I’m doing that, okay?

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  1. Michael says:

    While writing a comment on Cafe Crem my mail notification came up with someone making a post. I finished mine and then found it was you. I came here to read about you and want to share my first feeling I had. I do not know you, but you are a wonderful person who lives a life of love and compassion and is a man of truth. I respect that. I too am married for 16 years and have four children. I work a lot too on many things and I also searched for this ‘balance’ you speak about. I think now after searching for many years, I’ll be 53 in March, that what is is. It is as simple as that for me. It means being present in the moment with whatever is happening, like writing this to you.
    Kindest Regards,

  2. theworldaccordingtomax says:

    Oh! You guys are local. I’m in Franklin! Just saw your Twitter roll over on the side there talking about places nearby. How fun. I stumbled across your post browsing through funny kid posts on WordPress. You guys sound like a sweet family. Best of luck finding that balance you are looking for!

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