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Wives are the Hidden Gems

Posted: September 11, 2015 in Family

To every husband that you see, more often than not, a wife is behind him making him successful and happy without getting any of the credit.

Is that a solid statistic? Not really. But, it’s more the truth around what I see and have. I wouldn’t be anywhere without my wife. She was the one to help at home while I worked on my career. She was the one to handle finances while I traveled. She was the one to take care of the kids. She listened to me during my hard days

What a blessed husband I am, to have such a loving, selfless, and beautiful wife. Thank you.


Tough times

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Family
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Many are asking questions about what’s going on with us.  I figured I’d write a single post, to just let everyone know.  First, a bit of history.

6 months ago, Tammy’s grandparents moved in with us.  We had the room, and the desire to help.  So, we setup the downstairs bedroom, bathroom, and living room to be theirs.

Why did they want help?  Well, Tammy’s grandmother (aka ‘Granny’) has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, and Severe Arthritis.  She’s stuck in a wheelchair, and can do very little by herself.  Luckily, Tammy’s grandfather was still helping with alot, such as helping her to the bathroom, showers, etc.  Tammy took care of the cleaning, laundry, dinners, medical, and other odds and ends.

Approximately 4 weeks ago, Granny fell and broke her left hip.  Not only did this cause extra pain and bills, but delayed her shoulder replacement surgery that was scheduled for that following week.  Here is where the problem started.

After surgery, she was placed in physical therapy and rehab.  After 1 week, her husband of 53 years didn’t want to pay for it and decided she was fine (my opinion).  He checked her out from Adam’s Place, and took her home.   Unfortunately, she never healed, and Grandpa had to keep helping her more now than ever (lifting her to the bathroom, etc, because she couldn’t even stand).  This caused him great resentment.  His grumpiness and wellbeing was affecting everyone, including himself.  Arguments and no communication kept getting worse.

Last weekend, he left (after 53 years of marriage) to California, leaving her with nothing.  He took their only transportation that they bought after selling their house.  It was the only thing she can ride in with her wheelchair.  He took the transportation, his income, and love away from her.  She is devistated.  Not only did the man of her life leave after 53 years, he left her alone, hurt, and almost useless.

We have no way of getting her around because Tammy doesn’t have the strength to lift her, and I’m at work all day.

Right now, we have some major challenges ahead.  We are trying to raise enough money for a van to transport her and her wheelchair, a hospital bed, building a wheelchair ramp from the back deck, and surgery at the end of the month for her shoulder replacement.

Currently, we had to check her back in to Adam’s Place since she never healed from her hip replacement.  Hopefully, physical therapy will take care of that!

Tammy and I are still very strong willed and dedicated to each other, and to our family, but the stress is starting to wear thin.  Please pray for us!

If you would like to make a donation (no matter how small), or have any ideas that we may not know yet, let my wife Tammy know.  You can contact her at

tj <<at>> thepaxson5 <<dot>> org.

God Bless!


The Paxson Household is changing

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Family
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My family has had it’s difficult times, no doubt.  But, no matter what, I consider us blessed.  It would be terrible of us, to NOT share our blessings with others.

In 2003, an old company of mine moved my family to Cincinnati.  We made the mistake of buying a house, without first learning the area.  Now, it wasn’t a bad area in the least.  We chose locations based on School ratings.  But, nonetheless, we felt there were nicer neighborhoods that we could have chosen from, had we taken the time.

So, when I joined a company who moved me to Nashville, we decided to lease-to-buy for the first 12-18 months.  That way, if we liked it, we can buy it, but if not, we have a way out.

Well, during our tenure (and in the middle of the ARM foreclosure fallout) our landlord defaulted on the property, and we entered a “Cash for Keys” program with the bank.  That means, the bank that took over the property offered us money to get out by a certain time.

So, we loved the neighborhood, the kids were settled, we really wanted to find a house close.  

Okay, that was a HUGE lead up and introduction for what the post is about.  I’ll get to the point.

To make a long story short, we found a perfect house for us, in the same neighborhood (just 1/4 mile down the road).  Our kids keep the same friends, and school.  The house was a little big than we needed, but it did have a spare bedroom and bathroom for guests, plus an extra living room for the guests.  

Just a few weeks ago, Tammy’s grandmother had to make a difficult decision.   She knew she can’t take care of herself anymore, and she also can’t stand nursing homes.  Yep, you guessed it.  She asked to move into our home with us.

It was a difficult decision for us, but we, as a society, has taken family for granted.  In other parts of the world, families seldom live further than an hour away, and some families take care of each other in such proximity, they could be next door, or even upstairs.

It has taken me a long time to realize this.  I was never very close to my Grandparents, and I always lived far from my family.  The only time I saw family was during special occasions or holidays.

Tammy, on the other hand, growing up in Europe, has a different view of family values.  These values, I feel, are for the better, and teach our kids great things.  So, not only is it the right thing to do; Not only is this the right value to teach our kids; Not only is this the Christian thing to do; we should always share our blessings.

I believe we were given this house for exactly this reason… to give helping aid to Tammy’s grandparents.  I believe that’s why I chose to move to the Nashville office, rather than the Cleveland office (Cleveland was downsized by 70% this month).  I believe that’s why I still have a job.  And I believe, that’s why Tammy can’t get a job (she’s never had a problem in the medical industry).

So, everything happens for a reason, and every now and then, you need to keep your ears open, even if it means difficulties.  It’s the difficulties and challenges in life, that make life worth living.  Of course, it never feels that way, during those times.

So, we have been working hard the last week getting their bedroom ready, building shelves in closets, cleaning the garage, etc.  Generally, getting ready to introduce Tammy’s grandparents, their final home.

It will be difficult, and the closest family we have is my sister in Illinois (7 hour drive), so we are pretty much on our own.

May God Bless everyone, and give us strength and wisdom through these difficult times.

Cheers!  I need a beer.  🙂 🙂

The family went camping last weekend to Fall Creek Falls TN State Park, which is really only 2 hours away.  We chose last weekend for a few different reasons.  1).  Because it gets cool enough to warrant a fire in morning/night, but still warm enough in the day to allow short-sleave shirts.  2).  The Fall colors and foilage was absolutly beautiful.  Finally, 3).  Because it’s just about off-season, and there weren’t alot of people there.

Now, it wasn’t always fun and games.  The first night got down to 35 degrees F!  We were freezing in our tent!  The rest of the nights got cold, but it wasn’t that bad.

To start off, here are some pics of the campsite.  We chose a decent sized campsite, though the ground was about 5 degrees off level.  What does that mean?  It means, you woke up on the other side of the tent in the morning, because you are sloooowly moving down.  🙂  Our tent was a little too big, because the backside of the tent dropped from a graceful 5 degree downgrade, to a steep 25 degree downgrade.  🙂



The first night, we lost about $20 in food.  While I secured our dry goods and supplies, I thought the internal cooler latch would be secured enough to not do anything with it.  Well, our little campsite bandit, given the name of “foody”, (see below), decided to open up our cooler and take 3 packages of hotdogs, a large pack of cheese, 15 sausages, and 9 eggs!  Can you believe that?  We were so put-out.

The campsite Bandit strikes again!  We were NOT fooled a second night!  The 2nd night, Foody didn’t get any of our food!  Mua ha ha ha!  Of course, the dogs were a little put out, since we WAS able to get a hold of our dog food canister.  (SIGH)


Here is Tammy making a beautiful meal!  That night, we had Cooked Ham and Mashed Potatoes.  Yum!!


Now THIS is some REAL coffee, people! 


Here is Amanda, starting to build a fire for the next dinner.  I’m helping her move the logs around to get better air between the logs.  What’s the three ingredients to a fire, honey?  That’s right!  Oxygen (Air), Fuel (Wood), and Heat (flame).  My kids are such good students when it comes to Pyro damaging flames.  I’m so proud!


And finally, the real reason why people go to Fall Creek Falls, is the sheer beauty of the park.  I’m not going to post any of the waterfalls, as the low water tables will disappoint all of you.  It was really just a trickle.


Happy Anniversary!!

Posted: October 13, 2008 in Family
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Yes, it is Tammy’s and I 7th Anniversary!

We met almost 10 years ago, and have been married for 7 of them. And going strong!

Tammy, I love you more now, than 7 years ago, and I can’t wait to see how much MORE I love you in the years to come!

Frankly, I didn’t realize I COULD love you more yesterday, until I woke up this morning.

Kids are so funny sometimes!

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Family, funny
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My oldest son is quite funny sometimes, with his goofiness. The problem is, he loses it quickly, because he takes it too far. He needs to learn to play it “cool” when he does funny things… don’t make it worse.

Anyway, we were in the car and he farted. Now, we all know, that is the one thing that will get kids to laugh. There is just something about rumbling air between your butt cheeks that causes noise, that kids just can’t get enough of. Add to that, the lingering aroma that seems to crinkle every nose in the area, and you’ve got kid-comedy.

Devin is always coming up with new things to say. After his “airy” escapade, he says… “I just broke a grumpy!!”.

Cracked me up!