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You are my guiding light

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Notes to my Wife

I am a ship at sea, happy and proud. A ship that thought it was going in the right direction.  A ship that thought all the engines were purring, the shipmates were doing their job, and it’s captain was respected and perhaps loved.  However, a light on the bank is shining.  They are not going in the right direction.  The ship turns but the engines fail.  Engineman are working around the clock to get them running.  In the mean time, the rocks are getting closer.  If only I had seen the light sooner I could have raised an alarm.

The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks are now heard inside the ship.  Sailors are questioning whether the captain is making good decisions.  The captain himself is wondering why did the ship fail him.  Is the light correct and guide me to port, or is it a horrible storm with lightning meant to shake me up and question themselves and their judgements.

Which light are you?  Where are you?  The ocean is getting restless and it seems the the ship doesn’t have much time.  The only chance they have is to change out everything.  Replace all the engines.  Swap out the props.  Check the navigation equipment.  Change the rudder. Is it enough?  Will the ship be saved or will it be lost to sea, forgotten. If I am saved, am I the same ship as before when I was first set to sea so many years ago?

Time is the only one who knows.


wedding-heart-clip-art-jixeexGiEIt never fails.  Each time I attend a wedding, I feel a renewal of my own vows to my wife and to my marriage.  As I sit there, appreciating the joining of two people in love under God, it is impossible for me to reflect on my own marriage.  My beautiful wife, with her hair flowing in the wind, looks at me as I look at her.  Passion and reflection pass between us through our eyes like large elegant ocean waves flowing invisibly between us.  I take her hand, as she takes mine.  We each give a gentle squeeze as we turn our attention back to the marriage ceremony at hand……


Loving Notes

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Notes to my Wife
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Your heart beats with mine.


Together with loving synchronicity.

We are one.  Your feelings are my feelings.  Your emotions to my emotions.

To the touch, your soft skin is like touching a pearl glistening blanket, topped with velvet.

Your eyes have the depth of the blue oceans.

Your smile can warm even the coldest of days.

Thank you.


My Light

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Notes to my Wife

You are my light, shining down on my path, leading me away from poor choices and keeping me straight. During the hard challenges and stresses of my job, you are always there to listen and give sympathy. Like a fresh spring rain after weeks of heavy sun, you refresh me. Like a flower drying out, you water me to let me bloom.

I asked for you in my prayers, but had no idea God would give me someone so much more. Your beauty is radiant, and your heart glows. So many people see the strength in you, that you are just beginning to explore and use. Your success in your work proves your intelligence and hard work, but your success in your marriage proves your commitments and love.

How you do everything, is still a mystery I may never solve. But, I will continue to mold my ways and my heart to be a reflection of you.

Who are you? You are………. my wife.

What exactly is Valentine’s Day? A day that Hallmark created to sell greeting cards of love? A day that kids can create cool shoe-box containers where others can “drop” their valentine’s day cards in? Perhaps, Valentine’s Day is just another day, like yesterday?