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Why Pray for the Sick?

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Inspiration
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Recently, a post showed up on my Twitter feed with this question:

I’ve never understood praying for the sick.  Why ask the all powerful being who made them sick to reverse their decision?

Granted, this is probably coming from a non-believer, Atheist, or some other kind of belief, as a joke.  But, seriously, I still think the question is valid that even some Christ-followers get hung up on.  “Why does God make people sick or worse?”



Lessons learned from a Diabetic Father

Posted: December 25, 2014 in Life!
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We had a whirlwind of a weekend last weekend. We were just your average, normal working family, until one event shakes us up and changes us for life. So many people go through the same thing that we did. Most people are always saying, “That’s terrible, but it probably won’t happen to us”…… until, one day, it does. That was us.

My youngest son (12 years old) was diagnosed with Type–1 Diabetes. Below is my story about (more…)

Tough times

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Family
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Many are asking questions about what’s going on with us.  I figured I’d write a single post, to just let everyone know.  First, a bit of history.

6 months ago, Tammy’s grandparents moved in with us.  We had the room, and the desire to help.  So, we setup the downstairs bedroom, bathroom, and living room to be theirs.

Why did they want help?  Well, Tammy’s grandmother (aka ‘Granny’) has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Osteoporosis, and Severe Arthritis.  She’s stuck in a wheelchair, and can do very little by herself.  Luckily, Tammy’s grandfather was still helping with alot, such as helping her to the bathroom, showers, etc.  Tammy took care of the cleaning, laundry, dinners, medical, and other odds and ends.

Approximately 4 weeks ago, Granny fell and broke her left hip.  Not only did this cause extra pain and bills, but delayed her shoulder replacement surgery that was scheduled for that following week.  Here is where the problem started.

After surgery, she was placed in physical therapy and rehab.  After 1 week, her husband of 53 years didn’t want to pay for it and decided she was fine (my opinion).  He checked her out from Adam’s Place, and took her home.   Unfortunately, she never healed, and Grandpa had to keep helping her more now than ever (lifting her to the bathroom, etc, because she couldn’t even stand).  This caused him great resentment.  His grumpiness and wellbeing was affecting everyone, including himself.  Arguments and no communication kept getting worse.

Last weekend, he left (after 53 years of marriage) to California, leaving her with nothing.  He took their only transportation that they bought after selling their house.  It was the only thing she can ride in with her wheelchair.  He took the transportation, his income, and love away from her.  She is devistated.  Not only did the man of her life leave after 53 years, he left her alone, hurt, and almost useless.

We have no way of getting her around because Tammy doesn’t have the strength to lift her, and I’m at work all day.

Right now, we have some major challenges ahead.  We are trying to raise enough money for a van to transport her and her wheelchair, a hospital bed, building a wheelchair ramp from the back deck, and surgery at the end of the month for her shoulder replacement.

Currently, we had to check her back in to Adam’s Place since she never healed from her hip replacement.  Hopefully, physical therapy will take care of that!

Tammy and I are still very strong willed and dedicated to each other, and to our family, but the stress is starting to wear thin.  Please pray for us!

If you would like to make a donation (no matter how small), or have any ideas that we may not know yet, let my wife Tammy know.  You can contact her at

tj <<at>> thepaxson5 <<dot>> org.

God Bless!