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wedding-heart-clip-art-jixeexGiEIt never fails.  Each time I attend a wedding, I feel a renewal of my own vows to my wife and to my marriage.  As I sit there, appreciating the joining of two people in love under God, it is impossible for me to reflect on my own marriage.  My beautiful wife, with her hair flowing in the wind, looks at me as I look at her.  Passion and reflection pass between us through our eyes like large elegant ocean waves flowing invisibly between us.  I take her hand, as she takes mine.  We each give a gentle squeeze as we turn our attention back to the marriage ceremony at hand……



Loving Notes

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Notes to my Wife
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Your heart beats with mine.


Together with loving synchronicity.

We are one.  Your feelings are my feelings.  Your emotions to my emotions.

To the touch, your soft skin is like touching a pearl glistening blanket, topped with velvet.

Your eyes have the depth of the blue oceans.

Your smile can warm even the coldest of days.

Thank you.


Wives are the Ultimate Trainers

Posted: November 20, 2014 in funny, Life!
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BookshelfAs I look back on my life, I realize that the majority of my “learning” did not happen during the 12-years of grade school.  Nope.  It happened in the last 13 years of marriage.  Consider this:  My wife has programmed-in specific keywords that trigger a subliminal response:


You are beautiful

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Life!
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Your eyes are where the ocean meets the sky. A brisk and refreshing blue, where one can lose them self.

A smile that can warm the hardest heart, and a laugh that lifts the darkest of spirits.

Hair that flows in almost slow motion when you turn your head, and fragrances that match the sun breeze of a field.

But most of all, your love, which trumps all others. A love that is contagious and affects all life around you. A calming sense of caring emanates from you.

You are…. My wife.

Ode to my wife.

Posted: May 5, 2008 in Life!
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Because she loves me, that’s why! How do I know this?

We left to the airport, just her and I,
Fighting the traffic, we did try.

Arriving to the airport, just 10 past 8,
We kiss goodbye, as I walk to my gate.

As I check in, I give my passport a little whirl.
On my gosh! The passport I have, is a little girl!!

My wife’s old passport, I hold in my hand,
My heart is beating loudly, like a marching band!

I call my wife, bless her heart,
She races home, to do her part.

She must get back to the airport, before my flight leaves.
Rush, honey! Rush, honey, if you please!

Without an argument, without a fight,
She leaves in a hurry, to get me on my flight.

Blurring phone poles, and speed racing instincts
She must get back, before my flight becomes extinct.

Moments before it’s too late, she arrives saving the day.
She had been on the road, almost four hours today!!

My wife is great, my wife rocks!!!
She is everything I ever wanted, wrapped in a box.

I love you, Tammy! Thank you so much for taking care of me today! I appreciate you, and everything you do!!