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Together Since…

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Together Since...

This is an awesome idea. How cute is that? I’d get one for my wife and I, but I don’t think we are “old enough” to warrant such a “title”.

A formal dog

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Well, look who greeted me the other night.  Either my boys were messing around, or Scooter, here, wants to impress me for a treat!

Scooter with a tie

Scooter with a tie

My New E-Reader

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I’m sorry iPad. As an e-reader, it’s not working out. I’ve found someone else. She is incredibly thin, light, and glows! Kindle just knows what I like.

Its not you, it’s me


Turn around – I want

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Sir! Sir! You are going the wrong way! My house is the *other* way. 🙂

By Aaron Paxson

Starbucks Free Drink Day!

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Oh yes…. it is THAT day.  The day where our dreams of over-expensive coffee drinks become a reality.  You know what I’m talking about…. the drinks you WANT to get at Starbucks, but didn’t want to spend the money.

Then the day comes, when you get to “cash in” on your Starbucks Rewards.  The day you get to see your dream, a reality.  Yes, my friends…. the day I get to order my Penta-Venti Mocha, and walk away winning.

The $9 coffee

By Aaron Paxson