More International Flights

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Travel
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Well, I’m booking my travel today for more European flights.  This time, I’ll be going to Milan, Italy for 2 days, then to Stockholm, Sweden for 3 days, before coming home.

I feel really bad that I can’t take Tammy with me, but I just need a few more flights to get more sky miles.  We are definately going to Germany next year, and what I can save in travel costs using my sky miles, we can use for “fun” money.  😉  I’ll mostly be flying Continental, but I have a small SAS flight from Milan to Stockholm.  Can you believe it’s only $104USD to fly from Milan to Stockholm?  Crazy!

Too bad I can’t fly business-class 😦  I really do not mind flying coach so much.  My biggest aggrevation in coach is because everyone is crammed together.  If I really have to go to the bathroom, I just decide to hold it, because I don’t want to wake up/disturb the people beside me, just to get out into the aisle.  But if it’s an emergency, and I have to get them up to leave, then they know they have to stay up until I get back, because they’ll have to do the same thing again.  So, once I’m up, I feel rushed to getting back down.


I’m also really nervous about my passport.  It got wet, and then thrown into the dryer. 

Okay…. I tried to be all cool about it and said it “got wet”, since it’s obviously embarrassing to say I washed it in my pants.  But, what’s the point in saying “got wet”, when I followed up with, “…thrown into the dryer…”.   You guys are smart enough to figure it out.  I’m a goober.

Anyway, it was all rolled and wrinkled.  I tried pressing it out as best I could, but I’m still nervous about using it.  For those of you that do NOT have passports, they are pretty indestructable.  The cover is made of some kind of “cloth” and the picture is more plastic than anything.

Still, I’m a little nervous.  I think I’m going to run by the passport office just to get their “take” on it.


  1. Tammy says:

    I wish I could go to Milan or Stockholm but again I will be here at the house taking care of your children 🙂

    I just wish I could go to take pictures. I just opened up your link for Milan and was blown away WOW. LUCKY DOG

    Maybe you can take some and we could get them blown up for the wall.

    Hmmm…what are we getting this time around on your travel?? Some nice new earing’s might be nice!

    Love you so much!!! You are my everything!!!!

  2. Aaron Paxson says:

    New Earings?!?

    (( Aaron is moving his neck in a circle, while waving his finger at Tammy ))

    Now I knaw you just di’int ax me dat! C’mon, home girl! Whatchu think I am……. green-paper maker!?! Yeah, let me just bring some bling to the crib for your suzie-homemaker plans!

    —- Ahem —–


    —- Silence —–


    —- Silence —-

    Now, you know I was just kidding right? Baby? Honey? Honey bunny?

    —- Silence —-

    No, really. I would never talk that way to you. You know that, don’t you? Really, I mean it. Honey??

    —- Silence ——

    (( Sigh )) … Alright…. I’ll find you SOMETHING.

    (( in a monty python narration )) – “… and there was much rejoicing…” “…. yeeaaaaahhhhhh….”

  3. Amber says:

    First of all- how the heck did you get such a cool job that flies you to all these places? (insert whiny voice) It’s not faaaaiiiiirrrr. lol j/k I’m just jealous.

    As for the passport- I have washed my pedometer twice now. Twice. Somehow, it “takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin'” (though, this time it took TWO days to dry out, lol). That being said. How the heck did you wash your passport? Why was it in your pants in the first place? Are you NOT aware how important that little booklet is??? Duh, Aaron- I mean, how irresponsible can you be?

    Oh- sorry, I think I got a little carried away. It’s been SOOOOO long since I’ve been able to give you a hard time. I think I was too sleep deprived to do so when you were here last month.

    wow- did I hijack this post or what? I had really meant to just suggest you call the airline to see if they’ll take it. I think my comment may be longer than your post at this point. I really should get to bed. Need some sleep. Can’t focus. ….. …… ….

    ROFL! I crack myself up. love you!!!

  4. Aaron Paxson says:

    Well, when you are overseas, you always want to keep your passport on you, in case you get into trouble, or need a local law enforcement (or sometimes as ID when using Credit Card).

    i always keep my passport and 1 credit card in my front pocket. That way, I still have my identity and emergency money, if I ever get pick-pocketed, or something bad happens.

    The problem was, I never took it out of my pocket when I got home from my last trip.

    And, I’m not worried about the airlines. They just scan the code, and look at the picture. No big deal. I’m more concerned getting through customs (which is the local government, not the airlines).

    Thanks for the post, sleepless in Illinois, I mean… Amber!

  5. Amber says:

    OH! Gee, can you tell I’ve NEVER been overseas? lol Although, I DO know what Customs is! lol

    Ok, so I’ll give you credit for being smart. You’ve become quite the expert traveler, little brother. 🙂


  6. Aaron Paxson says:

    Lit…..Lit…… Little???



  7. nutmegmcgraw says:

    You ALL crack me up! I’m with Amber – It’s not faaairrrrr!! And that whine is really only perfected after you have kids. You hear it so much, you can actually do it better than they can! lol

    So, yeah, here Aaron and Tammy are talking about all their sky miles, and I’ve only been on a plane twice. As in EVER. I don’t remember minding the cramped quarters (of course, I was always next to mom – not some 300 lb man with a snoring problem…), but I’m not above arm wrestling for that window seat if I can’t get my own… =)

    I do feel sorry for Tammy though. I mean, it’s bad enough to miss your husband so much while taking care of everything at home, but knowing how cool the place is that he’s going…ouch! But, I’m sure you more than make up for it when you get home. No, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. lol