Loving Notes

Your heart beats with mine.


Together with loving synchronicity.

We are one.  Your feelings are my feelings.  Your emotions to my emotions.

To the touch, your soft skin is like touching a pearl glistening blanket, topped with velvet.

Your eyes have the depth of the blue oceans.

Your smile can warm even the coldest of days.

Thank you.



My Light

You are my light, shining down on my path, leading me away from poor choices and keeping me straight. During the hard challenges and stresses of my job, you are always there to listen and give sympathy. Like a fresh spring rain after weeks of heavy sun, you refresh me. Like a flower drying out, you water me to let me bloom.

I asked for you in my prayers, but had no idea God would give me someone so much more. Your beauty is radiant, and your heart glows. So many people see the strength in you, that you are just beginning to explore and use. Your success in your work proves your intelligence and hard work, but your success in your marriage proves your commitments and love.

How you do everything, is still a mystery I may never solve. But, I will continue to mold my ways and my heart to be a reflection of you.

Who are you? You are………. my wife.

Photo unmodified courtesy of Diogo Martins on Flickr: via CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Why Pray for the Sick?

Recently, a post showed up on my Twitter feed with this question:

I’ve never understood praying for the sick.  Why ask the all powerful being who made them sick to reverse their decision?

Granted, this is probably coming from a non-believer, Atheist, or some other kind of belief, as a joke.  But, seriously, I still think the question is valid that even some Christ-followers get hung up on.  “Why does God make people sick or worse?”

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Courtesy of Jeff Fillmore by the Creative Commons  Attribution 2.0 license:

Lessons learned from a Diabetic Father

We had a whirlwind of a weekend last weekend. We were just your average, normal working family, until one event shakes us up and changes us for life. So many people go through the same thing that we did. Most people are always saying, “That’s terrible, but it probably won’t happen to us”…… until, one day, it does. That was us.

My youngest son (12 years old) was diagnosed with Type–1 Diabetes. Below is my story about Continue reading

Becoming self-sufficient

Diamond-Carbon-Cure-R.A.K-Package3Over the last couple of years, my wife and I have made a decision to become more self-sufficient as a family.  For far too long, we’ve been reliant on companies and other people to provide for us.  We, as a society, have become complacent and dependent on these companies to supply us with our needs.  But, what would happen if one, or more, of those companies go under?  Or what if they are doing things that are not morally ethical and you don’t want to be a part of it?  What would you do? Continue reading